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The location of The Napa Valley Railway Inn as well as the eight individual railcars and the 2 bedroom Station House Suite enjoys a colorful history. Take a step back in time when you visit the hotel and imagine what the quaint town of Yountville looked like in the 1800’s.

The hotel is located on top of the original tracks of the Napa Valley Railroad Company. The railroad reached the Napa Valley towns of Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga in 1868. The first brick railroad station was built where the Coqueta restaurant is now located just steps north of the hotel. The Napa Valley Railroad Company itself was purchased under foreclosure in 1869 and became part of the California Pacific Railroad Company.

The railcars themselves that make up the Napa Valley Railway Inn each has its own history of traveling throughout the west on many different rail lines. It was 40 years ago that the eight railcars that make up the hotel were all brought to rest on the original tracks of the Napa Valley Railroad Company in Yountville. Shortly thereafter in 1981 the Napa Valley Railway Inn opened its doors for travelers who wanted to enjoy wine tasting in the growing Napa Valley region.

Each of the railcars has its own unique history. Car #2 and #8 were originally a caboose. Cars #3,5,6,7 and 9 were each an ice box car and Car #4 was built to move cattle throughout the west. If only they could talk and share their stories of life on the rails traveling through the western U.S.

Today you will find each car comfortably appointed to meet the needs of today’s travelers. So take a step back in time and relax in the heart of Yountville in some of the most unique hotel rooms in the Napa Valley.